Yep..!! Am a Frozen Dancer

It was like as if I was in love. I felt as if I was in heaven. I was doing it always. When I can’t, I was
fantasizing myself with it. Yes. I loved it. DANCE.

I exactly don’t know, whether there could be something in this world that could make me most happiest (well.. I don’t bother about the double superlative degree of comparison i have used). I don’t want to know it too.

And the most magical part was, It made me feel comfortable and warmer even when I was sad, when I was frustrated (Though, It is very rare). When someone described how love was like, I thought only of DANCE. It made me feel happy.

Well.. I was not allowed to take Dance as my carrier. I was given the explanation “The society won’t accept the kind of job”. It took a long time for me to move on.

And am walking a path with everyone. Yeah.. I don’t dance anymore. I am a frozen dancer. But, still, when someone call me “Dancer”, a sort of painful happiness arises from my heart. I am not happy. I am not sad too.
I love it. I love Dance. I will love it too..


The only thing which made me feel that I was alive and happy..